This web page is dedicated to useful material for preparation for Math. Competitions.

Students who love a challenge and like to pursue mathematics beyond routine courses are welcome here.

Typically we participate in

The Virginia Tech Math competition (Late October) and the Putnam competition (early December).

We usually meet once a week round the year to discuss interesting problems and take up new challenges.

Send me an email at if you like to join us.

We will meet in Spring 2016 Mondays at 3:00 PM in Mathskeller.
However, this is subject to change, based on student schedules.


The 2015  Putnam exam  and solutions

Here are some useful files for our Weekly Math discussions.
I will be happy to add any other files that you wish.

1.     Easy Putnam Problems.

2.     Training problems 2014.

3.     Virtech probs.      Virtech sols.

4.     Stanley’s collection

5.     Stanley’s Enumerative combinatorics

6.     Wilf’s book on generating functions