Amarakosha files These files were generated by the joint efforts of S.V. Ganeshan, Avinash Sathaye and Pramod Vishvanath with additional help from Nandu Abhyankar and Pramod Kotwal. The three kaaNDas of the Amarakosha are separately encoded in the files amar*itx and then using the awk file amarcount.awk, line numbers are generated to produce the files fin*itx. (You need to adjust the starting numbers for each kaaNDa). This is run thru ITRANS. You need the file amarfront.itx which is provided. Finally this is run thru LaTeX. We have enclosed the tex and the ps files, but not the dvi files. The meanings are added to the first kaaNDa, so far. Your comments/additions are most welcome. If you wish to help us in completing the meanings, or have suggestions, please write:

Avinash Sathaye,


Various Files

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